Domino’s, DraftKings Make Betting on Pizza Delivery a Thing in New Promotion


It’s often said that some gamblers “will bet on anything,” and Domino’s Pizza and DraftKings are indulging that whim with a new free-to-play game.

Domino's PizzaDomino's Pizza
A Domino’s Pizza store, shown above. The company is partnering with DraftKings on a free betting contest. (Image: Restaurant Business Magazine)

The two companies said Monday they’re teaming up to allow users of the gaming company’s daily fantasy sports (DFS) app to potentially profit from, of all things, curbside pizza delivery.

Domino’s and DraftKings have launched Domino’s Carside Delivery, 2-Minute Guarantee Over/Under Challenge as well, giving customers the chance to predict if Domino’s Carside Delivery nationwide will be quicker than two minutes, more or less than 80% of the time, for the chance to win a share of $200,000,” according to a statement issued by the companies.

The over/under contest, which, unlike a traditional sports bet, doesn’t require players to pony up cash upfront, is running now through July 12.

For DraftKings, New Frontier for Gaining Customers

In the fast-growing, hyper-competitive US sports wagering industry, gaming companies are getting inventive when it comes to attracting customers. There are the old standbys, including traditional advertising and media deals and partnerships, of which DraftKings has plenty.

Then there’s the move into the gift card space, which DraftKings did last December, and teaming up with Boost Mobile so bettors can fund their accounts from the carrier’s brick-and-mortar stores. The Boost deal also includes exclusive contests.

As for the intersection of sports betting companies and restaurant operators, it’s previously been traversed with BetMGM and Buffalo Wild Wings hooking up in 2019 to bring sports wagering options to guests. That partnership includes a free football game, Picks and Props, as well as enhanced odds and free bets in states where the BetMGM app is legal.

Other dine-in restaurant chains, including Hooters, have sports betting agreements. But those are natural accords, given the tendency of bettors to watch games on television in which they have a financial interest. In other words, it’s unique that a betting company, like DraftKings, would team up with a restaurant chain that revolves around carry out and delivery, like Domino’s.

DraftKings Looking for New Customers

With Domino’s over/under the partnership, DraftKings has another avenue with which to potentially convert DFS customers to its mobile sports wagering platform. That’s meaningful because the company has already proven adept at that.

Today, the two largest mobile sportsbook operators in the US are FanDuel and DraftKings. Those firms combine for about 62 percent of the market and are also the biggest names in DFS, confirming that daily fantasy dominance is relevant when it comes to bringing customers over to sports wagering.

Another potential advantage for DraftKings in the Domino’s accord is that it could be a cost-effective way of acquiring new customers. If there’s one thing the gaming company is frequently criticized for, it’s high customer acquisition costs, which lengthen its timeline to profitability.

As for Domino’s, this is a low-risk endeavor. The world’s largest pizza chain based on global retail sales will merely give orders away for free if it goes over on the two-minute curbside delivery pledge.

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