South Dakota Gaming Regulators Again Fine Deadwood Casinos for Sportsbook Violations


The South Dakota Commission on Gaming (SDCG) recently fined two Deadwood venues $3000 each for taking allegedly improper sports wagers. A third business, an internet sportsbook, was fined the same amount for a similar allegation.

eadwood, South Dakota's Mustang Sally'seadwood, South Dakota's Mustang Sally's
Deadwood, South Dakota’s Mustang Sally’s, pictured above. The gaming venue was fined for improper sports bets. (Image: Historic Deadwood)

The two casinos were identified as Gold Dust Hotel and Casino, as well as Mustang Sally’s, according to the Rapid City Journal, a local newspaper. The sportsbook is Internet Sports International (ISI).

Mustang Sally’s allegedly took two wagers on the NCAA tournament before the teams were announced. Also, Gold Dust Casino took two bets on South Dakota State University (SDSU) basketball games. The venue also took four bets on the NCAA basketball tournament before the teams were announced.

No Bets Allowed on SDSU

Under South Dakota rules, there cannot be bets on university teams located in the state. Also, wagers cannot be made if teams have not yet been announced.

In addition, ISI allowed wagering on SDSU and allowed bets for the NCAA tournament before the teams were announced, the report said. ISI provides sports wagering kiosks at Gold Dust.

Also, the SDCG fined two casino workers, reported KELO, a local TV station. They allegedly overrode a $1,000 cap on NFL game wagers.

They included Joseph Gasper III, who was fined $350 for taking a $1,300 bet on an NFL game. Sara Stone was fined $150 for when she requested a casino worker manually override the $1,000 cap. The worker then took a $1,500 bet on an NFL game.

Beyond these, the SDCG fined Willy’s Wild West at Gold Country Inn $2,500 for allegedly not properly inspecting its surveillance equipment. In addition, Cadillac Jack’s dealer Danny Burr was fined $100. He allegedly had an extra Queen of Diamonds in a poker deck, KELO said.

The fines come less than a year since sports bets began in South Dakota casinos. Deadwood sportsbooks began taking bets in mid-September. A few months later, venues were fined for sportsbook initial violations.

The first casinos to house sportsbooks include: Cadillac Jack’s Gaming Resort, Tin Lizzie Gaming Resort, Gold Dust Casino, Mustang Sally’s, and Deadwood Mountain Grand.

History Lures Tourists

Many tourists visit Deadwood to explore the city’s rich history. For instance, one site is a tavern where Wild Bill Hickok was shot dead by Jack McCall while playing poker. Hickok was holding a pair of black aces and black eights, which today is referred to as the “dead man’s hand.”

Over the years, Deadwood has lost some of its luster. The Gold Rush town reported a decline in interest and visitors following the end of the HBO series Deadwood in 2006.

Expanded gaming is expected to bring more visitors to the remote Black Hills town.

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